• IJUS | International Journal of Umranic Studies

    The International Journal of ‘Umranic Studies (IJUS) is an academic journal published bi-annual (January and July) by the Fculty of Islamic Delopment Management, Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University (UISSA) committed to the advancement of scholarly knowledge. It focuses on  ‘Umranic Studies  which comprises  of Islamic History and Civilization,  Islamic Development Management, Islamic Ethics, Religious Studies, Islamic Thought and Philosopy,  Islamic Finance etc.

  • JALL | Journal of Arabic Linguistics and Literature

    The International “Online Journal of Arabic Linguistics and Literature” is a refereed journal published by Faculty of Arabic Language, university Islam Sultan Sharif Ali, Brunei Darussalam, twice a year in three languages: Arabic, English and Malay, welcomes the submission of papers on various aspects of Arabic language and literature teaching and learning.

  • AR-RA'IQ | Journal for Islamic Studies

    AR-RA'IQ is an academic refereed journal which is published twice a year by the Centre for Research and Publication, UNISSA.  In order to achieve the vision and  mission of UNISSA, the journal provides a platform for experts in the area of  Islamic law, fundamentals of religion and comparative religion, linguistic, Malay culture and civilization to express their views regarding those issues in this journal. Contributions are invited from scholars and academicians from all over the world.