Estate Estate





Estate office is one of the offices under the control of registrar that are responsible in all aspects of estate management and planning of Islamic university of Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA). Estate office is headed by head estate that is responsible in ensuring all planning, monitoring, maintenance and administration of estate is done orderly and effectively. This work includes providing planning, estate planning for the future of university, examining bid specifications and quotations that are related to estate and provide a report on the expenses of Estate.

Estate office is divided into four (4) sections to facilitate Estate Office. Those parts are as follows:

Administration section

This section is responsible for general administration of Estate Office.


Maintenance and estate services section

This section is responsible for managing building maintenance to such damage either small or large damage to the building and electrical services and security services and transportation of university. In addition, this section also works with estate planning section in renovation and upgrading university buildings.


Estate Planning section

This section is responsible in the works of estate planning of university including the works of renovating and upgrading the building standard of university.

Logistics facilities and equipment of the University

This section is responsible in the affairs of logistic facilities and equipment. Beside that, this section also responsible in issuing and application of estate furniture and equipment.