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The SPDO was established in 2019, under the Rector’s Office to assist with the implementation of UNISSA’s strategic plans. In Sha Allah, UNISSA will be able to achieve its vision to be the leading Islamic Higher Education hub in the region and be visible in world and Asia university rankings soon.

With the establishment of SPDO, UNISSA will continue to step forward and contribute to the development of “ummah” and country. The SPDO consists of two units: Quality Assurance Unit and Strategic Planning Unit



  • To enhance the continuous quality improvement processes (cqip) at UNISSA.
  • To spread the culture of quality improvement among staff and students at UNISSA.
  • To improve the level of expertise and consultancies pertaining to quality and accreditation for all units of the university.

Quality Assurance Unit (QA)

Quality Assurance Unit (QA) is responsible in coordinating the implementation of strategic focus areas in the University Strategic Plan


  • To design and provide guidelines to staff, officers and academics of UNISSA for provision and assurance of quality services;
  • To provide and monitor the action plan for the implementation of the UNISSA strategic focus area at the Faculty / Centre / Division and University levels; and
  • To provide and coordinate training programmes and workshops pertaining about quality assurance and UNISSA Strategic Plan for staff, officers and academics.

Strategic Planning Unit (SP)

Strategic Planning Unit (SP) is a new unit set up under the Strategic and Development office alongside the Quality Assurance Unit. This unit was established in 2019 as a special unit which is responsible for addressing strategic issues and implementation of the projects in connection with them continuously.


  • To achieve UNISSA’s goal, mission and vision .
  • To ensure UNISSA continues to be the center of academic excellence and to sustain and support the country in upholding Islam.
  • To assist UNISSA in managing, developing and designing matters related to
    Islamic higher education in line with UNISSA’s aspiration to be the leading Islamic Higher Education hub in the region.
  • To enhance UNISSA’s ranking and visibility in world and Asia university rankings.
  • To increase the quantity and quality of researchers, quantity and quality of research output, quantity of postgraduate students, innovation, networking and linkages .
  • To prepare and develop strategic reports on progress and issues or challenges to be brought to strategic meetings and certified by Strategic and Development office.
  • To identify and forecast issues, challenges and opportunities regarding existing policies and procedures in line with UNISSA’s vision.
  • To coordinate, catalyze and create strategic plans and recommend KPIs or strategic areas that can further strengthen the functions, roles and responsibilities of each faculty, centre and department.
  • To monitor improvement and reform efforts that have been achieved and those planned to be implemented from time to time.
  • To gather information and monitor performance based on UNISSA’s strategic plan through KPIs.

Strategic Planning and Development Office

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Strategic Planning and Development Office

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Tel: +673 2462000

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