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The Research and Publication Centre was established in July 2015, was initially a unit managed by the Centre of Postgraduate Studies and Research. It was then separated from the Centre and renamed the Centre for Research and Publication. Better known as UNISSA Press, this Centre is currently under the patronage of two committees; UNISSA Publication Committee and UNISSA Research and Leave Grant Committee (URLGC).


  1. To encourage the academic staff of Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University to embark on serious academic research and publication.
  2. To facilitate the processes of reviewing of research manuscripts submitted to the Centre for publication.
  3. To create an environment conducive for research and publication development in the University.
  4. To gear the research and publication potential of UNISSA towards an international academic standard.
  5. To be a leading Centre in Brunei Darussalam in particular and the whole region in general in research and publication.
  6. To cooperate with other research Centres in disseminating knowledge for the development of the country’s Islamic values.
  7. To help young researchers in conducting research by providing them with proper guidelines, workshops and seminars.
  8. To facilitate the spread of required knowledge in various fields.
  9. To provide a potential source for marketing the University’s academic product as well as that of the community.


The research and Publication Centre receives manuscripts from different authors or writers, and starts the process of reviewing and publication.

  • It prepares guidelines for the writing of manuscripts for researchers.
  • It cooperates with other departments of the University to conduct workshops on research and publication.
  • It markets the academic products of the University.
  • It keeps close contact with internal and external assessors of manuscripts as well as printing companies.

Centre for Research and Publication

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Tel: +673 2462000 Ext 332

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