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To be a leading centre of excellence in Southeast Asia for reference and research on the Shafi‘i school of thought.


Co-ordinate activities related to the research, documentation, and dissemination of information on Mazhab Shafi‘i in contribution to the expanding and strengthening of Mazhab Shafi‘i in Southeast Asia; as well as supporting UNISSA’s vision of becoming a genuine, progressive, and dynamic international Islamic university based on the teachings of al-Qur’an and al-Sunnah.


In an effort to generate quality researches for the economic development and human resources needs of the country, as well as to develop a governance based on the Islamic teachings according to the Shafi’i school of thought, MSRC has outlined a number of objectives, namely:

  • To boost research activities amongst the academia of UNISSA, in support of their role and responsibility in producing researches that are beneficial to the society in general, and the communities of Brunei Darussalam in specific;
  • To enrich the heritage of Islamic knowledge with research in various disciplines within Mazhab Shafi’i, in line with the needs and interests of Muslims today;
  • To uphold the integrity of Mazhab Shafi’i school in Brunei Darussalam and support its spreading in Southeast Asia;
  • To increase opportunities for collaborative research in Mazhab Shafi’i between UNISSA and other local and international Islamic Higher Education Institutions;
  • To collect data, documents, manuscripts and other relevant sources in various disciplines within Mazhab Shafi’i for reference, records and archival purposes;
  • To translate research findings and primary references of Mazhab Shafi’i; and
  • To maintain, publish, and disseminate research outcomes to the public.


  • To conduct research activities and produce research findings within Mazhab Shafi’i;
  • To collect references and materials of Mazhab Shafi’i;
  • To provide guidance and advice to the public on the thoughts, teachings, and rulings based on Mazhab Shafi’i;
  • To provide training courses related to the practices in Mazhab Shafi’i;
  • To coordinate academic activities (e.g. seminars, conferences, etc.);
  • To conduct semi-academic activities (e.g. forums, workshops, talks etc.); and
  • To forge cooperation with other leading centres of excellence in fields related to Mazhab Shafi’i.

Mazhab Shafi’i Research Centre

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Mazhab Shafi‘i Research Centre Office

Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali
Spg 347, Jalan Pasar Gadong
BE 1310 Negara Brunei Darussalam.

Tel: +673 2462000 Ext 509

Monday – Thursday & Saturday
7:45A.M. – 12:15P.M. | 1:30P.M. – 4:30P.M.

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