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The Faculty of Islamic Technology (FIT) was established on 10 November 2020.  Its establishment is hoped to further support UNISSA’s vision and mission.    The faculty offers technology-based programmes in which students are prepared to be skilled and knowledgeable in the field of Islam, Media, Communication and Technology towards advancement in Science, Technology and Innovation. Students can then use this to creatively channel information and Islamic religious knowledge, as well as manage matters of Islamic affairs in facing the current technological era.  It is also hoped that this effort will produce highly competitive graduates and Islamic scholars who will uphold and restore the glory days of Islam in the 17th and 18th centuries.


  • To produce excellent and highly skilled UNISSA graduates to meet the needs of the industrial revolution 4.0
  • To produce Islamic scholars who are skilled and knowledgeable in both Islamic and technological fields who will communicate Islamic information and teachings to the community.  
  • To spread the teachings of Islam by creating opportunities for researchers to study, delve into and disseminate their knowledge and expertise that are communicated to the community/ummah through technology
  • To increase research activities and consultancy that are more organised, relevant and of high quality.
  • To increase activities that encourage a culture of research and innovation, commercialization and entrepreneurship in the field of software development and Islamic content that are aligned to the Quraan and Al-Sunnah.
  • To produce expert graduates of Islamic Studies and Technology who are able to develop innovative solutions for a system or product taking into account the benefits they have to society and for environmental sustainability.
  • To produce graduates who meet the current needs of industries.
  • To promote activities and efforts towards internationalization of the faculty.

Faculty of Islamic Technology

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