Vol. 5 No. 1 (2022): IJUS Vol.5, Issue No. 1, January 2022

Pre-service Teachers’ Perception on the Impact of e-Resources on Undergraduate Research Completion

Published 2022-01-01

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Sittie Aliah B. Pangandaman, Sittie Ainah M. Mangata, Wardah D. Guimba, Roseniya G. Tamano, & Abubakar S. Mama. (2022). Pre-service Teachers’ Perception on the Impact of e-Resources on Undergraduate Research Completion. IJUS | International Journal of Umranic Studies, 5(1), Page 11–28. Retrieved from https://www.unissa.edu.bn/journal/index.php/ijus/article/view/406


This study aims to investigate the perception of the One hundred and twenty pre-service teachers on the role of e-Resources to their research writing through measuring their level of awareness, knowledge, ease-of-use of e-Resources. It also determines if these factors are significantly related to the perceived impact of the e-Resources on the undergraduate students’ research writing and it also identify the problems and difficulties they had encountered in accessing the e-Resources of the MSU-Main library. A research made questionnaire, which was validated with the usage of the Cronbach Alpha, and interview were both used in gathering the required data for this study. The findings had shown that the respondents are extremely aware of the e-Resources in the e-Library as a result of the Library Orientation. They are knowledgeable of the e-Resources in the e-Library. Moreover, the respondents had agreed on the ease of use of the e-Resources in the e-Library and that e-Resources have a positive impact on their research writing in terms of conceptualization of the topic, references related to the studies and literature, and methodology. However, it was identified that the research students had some problems and difficulties in accessing the e-Resources in the e-Library, such as; the fluctuating internet connection and the absence of staff that facilitate and accommodate students. Lastly, the level of awareness, knowledge, and ease-of-use of the undergraduate student have a high significant relationship with the perceived impact of e-Resources on undergraduate students’ research writing. Valuable recommendations are forwarded based on the findings of this study.